Cameroon Military Acknowledges Soldiers Arrested in Togo

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YAOUNDE – Cameroon’s military says three of five men recently arrested by Togolese police and portrayed by Togolese media as notorious criminals who committed serious offenses against Togolese citizens are Cameroonian soldiers, while the other two are former convicts. The three military men stole weapons from the military headquarters in Yaoundé and went to Togo’s Read More

Roadside Bomb Blast Kills 9 Near Somali Capital

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Somali officials say nine civilians were killed and 10 others were wounded in a roadside bomb explosion outside Mogadishu on Sunday. The blast from an improvised explosive device hit a bus transporting civilians from Mogadishu to the town of Wanlaweyn, 90 kilometers west of the capital. The Somali government says al-Shabab is responsible for the Read More

URGENT: Total COVID-19 Cases Nearing the 4000-Mark

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DUSHANBE, There are 123 new cases of COVID-19 infection. The total number of infected individuals is now 3930. The number of those who could not recover remains unchanged at fourty-seven individuals, reports the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population. Of the infected group, 2,004 individuals have recovered. So far, 1,886 people suspected of Read More