Journalists, NGOs urge Tajik government to ‘thoroughly’ investigate journalist’s beatings

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In their open letter made public on June 3 and addressed to the presidential administration, the Prosecutor-General’s Office, and the country’s ombudsman, the group — including well-known Tajik organizations defending civil rights, such as Apeiron, Nota Bene, The World of Law, and the Independent Human Rights Center — called for the attackers of Abdullo Ghurbati Read More

Coronavirus: Kazakhstan reportedly equals Tajikistan’s number of COVID-19 linked deaths

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Kazakhstan has reportedly equaled. Tajikistan’s number of COVID-19 linked deaths.   Kyrgyzstan’s independent news agency on June 4 established a timetable for increase in the number of detected cases of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Central Asia’s nations as of June 4, 2020.       Location      Confirmed          Recovered           Deaths   Kyrgyzstan    1 899  (+28)          Read More