A large resident of Dushanbe was fined for a holiday for her daughter

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56-year-old Zebiniso Saydaliyeva, mother of seven children, invited 15-20 guests to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, the court’s website says.   It is reported that Saydalieva is raising children alone and is temporarily unemployed.   For violation of Article 481 “On streamlining traditions, celebrations and ceremonies,” the woman was fined for 5800 somoni. Despite the fact Read More

Over 50 million somoni – salary debts in Tajikistan

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Workers of various industries in the republic complain about the late payment of wages, scholarships, vacation pay. The authorities acknowledge the problem, but the lack of finance in the sectors does not allow to resolve this issue in time   Many cultural workers in the Kulyab region are now in an unenviable position. For the Read More