Resident of Tursunzoda jailed for membership in Salafist movement

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According to information posted on the website of the Prosecutor-General’s Office of Tajikistan, Abdulloh Haitov joined the Salafist movement in 2010 while he was in Russia as a labor migrant.   Upon returning to Tajikistan in 2020, Haitov reportedly began propagating Salafi ideology among his home-folks, calling on them to join the Salafist movement.   Read More

185 newborns reportedly sold in Uzbekistan over a four-year period

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Interior Ministry representative Nargiza Khojiboyeva said at a briefing on January 12 that in the majority of such cases, mothers had resorted to this extreme act because of financial and social insecurity.   A report produced by the National Commission on Combating Human Trafficking and Forced Labor in December reportedly concluded that 31 percent of Read More

COVID-19 affects public transport ridership in Dushanbe

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The Dushanbe Administration press center says they had to reduce the number of passenger transport due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that led to the decrease in the public transport ridership.   Four state-run companies, 17 private companies and 11 taxi companies are reportedly engaged in carriage of passengers in Dushanbe.   In the Read More