680 deported Tajiks and bodies of 58 Tajik nationals returned home from Russia from May 19 to May 30

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Sputnik reported on May 31 that the last 49 Tajik nationals who have been held in Russian temporary detention centers over the past several months and 13 bodies of Tajik nationals were returned to Dushanbe from Moscow by special flights of Russian air company Ural Airlines on May 29 and 30.


In all, 680 deported Tajiks and bodies of 58 Tajik nationals were returned home from the Russian Federation from May 19 to May 30, according to the Tajik MFA information department.


Tajik Foreign Ministry also says that the Tajik authorities are currently pursuing the possibility of organizing charter flights of domestic air carriers to bring Tajik nationals from Russia and other countries.


At the same time, the Foreign Ministry notes that the process of repatriation of Tajik citizens from abroad will depend on creation of necessary conditions and availability of appropriate quarantine or medical supervision sites in Tajikistan.


Source: Asia Plus