93 thousand tons of cotton harvested in Tajikistan. Manual and cheap

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More than 93.1 thousand tons of raw cotton have been harvested in Tajikistan until September 20, 2020.


The main share of the harvested crop falls on the farms of the Khatlon region, where more than 84.5 thousand tons of cotton were harvested, which is 30.4% of the forecast plan, reported the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the republic.


In the Sughd region, where they started picking cotton later, they harvested about 8.6 thousand tons, which is 6.7% of the planned indicators.


Tajikistan in 2020 plans to produce 421 thousand tons of raw cotton from an area of 186 thousand 155 hectares.


Last year, according to official statistics, a little more than 400 thousand tons were collected, which is almost 100 thousand tons more than in 2018.


This year workers receive 50 dirams for 1 kg of cotton This year workers receive 50 dirams for 1 kg of cotton. Farmers themselves deliver cotton to buying firms for 4 somoni 50 dirams.


According to experts, the cost of producing 1 kg of cotton, taking into account the rise in the cost of equipment and fertilizers services, is at least 6-7 somoni.


In turn, ginneries claim that prices on the Liverpool exchange have gone down this year – 1 kg of cotton costs about 14 somoni.


According to the Ministry of Economic Development, more than 20% of the total cotton is processed inside the republic, and the rest is exported as raw materials..


Recall that for the six months of this year, the export of fiber in Tajikistan amounted to more than 33.1 thousand tons.


Source: Asia Plus