A dark horse. Federal Air Transport Agency announced the flights of the “new” Tajik airline to Russian cities

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However, the aviation authorities of Tajikistan say they have not registered such an air carrier.


“Tajikistan appoints Fly Union to operate flights to some cities in Russia”, – reports the Commonwealth of aviation experts Aviation Explorer with reference to the Federal Air Transport Agency.


It is noted that this airline plans to carry out regular transportation of passengers, cargo, baggage and mail on routes to some cities in Russia.


«The Tajik side informed the Airline Fly Union Limited Liability Company to perform regular transportation of passengers, cargo, baggage and mail on the following routes: Kurgan-Tyube – Moscow – Kurgan-Tyube, Kurgan-Tyube – St. Petersburg – Kurgan-Tyube , Kurgan-Tyube – Yekaterinburg – Kurgan-Tyube», – emphasize in Federal Air Transport Agency.


The aviation authorities of Tajikistan say that such an airline is not registered, since it did not apply for a license.


Meanwhile, Fly Union has already set up an official website, but so far there is no information there other than “Coming soon”.


The German portal Planespotters, which provides information about the world’s airlines, notes that the Tajik company Fly Union has only one Boeing 737 aircraft.


According to the Civil Aviation Agency under the Government of Tajikistan, there are currently two airlines operating in the country – the national air carrier “Tajik Air” and the private airline “Somon Air”.


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Source: Asia Plus