A fruitful partnership to fight COVID 19

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On September 18 in Dushanbe city, the Resident Representative of the Aga Khan Development Organization (AKDN), Ambassador Kozidavlat Koimdodov, held meeting with the Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Tajikistan, Dr. Bahtygul Karriyeva.


During the meeting, the parties noted the importance of bilateral cooperation – in the implementation of common efforts and measures to combat COVID-19 in Tajikistan. The Representative of AKDN has noted that “in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the AKDN and its agency have approved an aid budget with total amount of  4,022,060 (four million twenty-two thousand sixty) US dollars, of which 1,022,060 (one million twenty-two one thousand sixty) US dollars at the expense of AKND resources and 3 million (three million) US dollars at the expense of donors and partners”. Currently, the AKDN, along with the National Consul of the Imamat in Tajikistan, have developed a package of additional measures to combat the second wave of COVID-19. Mr. Koimdodov added that WHO could assist our agencies in transporting the oxygen generator from Europe, as well as support with the provision of a GenexPert (PCR) cartridge for the Khorog Diagnostic Center.


The WHO Representative expressed her satisfaction regarding the mutually beneficial collaboration with AKDN and its agencies. She noted that “we are ready to support the transportation of an oxygen generator from Europe, as well as a cartridge for GENEXPERT, despite its global shortage. In addition, we have the opportunity to cooperate with AKDN in the field of revitalization of mobile laboratories and provide the service of specialists in this field from Europe”.  During the conversation, Dr. Bahtygul mentioned about their working trip to the GBAO and familiarization with the condition of the hospitals. It has been underlined that despite the existing difficulties, in general, with the full support of the GBAO Government and the Aga Khan Health Service (AKHS) in Khorog, we have done a number of work, including the installation of mobile laboratories with the help of our technical team. She has articulated positive impression about the conditions and work of the Aga Khan Diagnostic Center in Khorog.


At the end of the conversation, the parties agreed that WHO and AKDN are taking additional steps to implement projects and programs in Tajikistan in the field of health, in particular, combating the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


The meeting was held in the spirit of friendship and mutual understanding, and creates a favorable basis for further cooperation.


Source: Asia Plus