A new novel by Viktor Pelevin released on Thursday

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A new novel by Russian writer Viktor Pelevin, “Invincible Sun”, published by Eksmo Publishing House, hit bookstores on Thursday, 27 August, 27.


In addition, Pelevin’s new book will be available to readers in an electronic version on the website of the largest service of electronic and audiobooks Liters, the press service of the publishing house told the publication Podyom.


In recent years, Viktor Pelevin has been writing a new book every year, which are published in late summer or early autumn.


Last year, the story “Stolypin” and the stories “Iakinf” and “The Art of Light Touches” were released as part of the collection of the same name, the year before last – the novel “Secret Views of Mount Fuji”, in 2017 – “iPhuck 10”.


Pelevin’s first novel “Omon Ra” was published in 1992 and immediately became a cult, as well as his subsequent books – “The Life of Insects”, “Chapaev and Emptiness”, “Generation P” and others.


Victor Pelevin (born November, 22, 1962) is a Russian fiction writer. He is a laureate of multiple literary awards including the Russian Little Booker Prize (1993) and the Russian National Bestseller (2004). His books are multi-layered postmodernist texts fusing elements of pop culture and esoteric philosophies while carrying conventions of the science fiction genre. Some critics relate his prose to the New Sincerity literary movement.


Source: Asia Plus