Accounts Chamber Identifies Over 282 Million Somoni of Financial Loss in 2021

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In 2021, the auditors of the Accounts Chamber conducted 247 audits in ministries, departments, centers and groups for the implementation of investment projects, banks, business entities, and other budgetary institutions which revealed financial loss in the amount of 282.8 million somoni. This was stated yesterday at a press conference by the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of Tajikistan Karakhon Chillazhoda.

According to him, compared to last year, the number of planned objects for audits decreased by 25 units, and the identified financial losses increased by 30.5 million somoni.

“Concrete measures were taken to eliminate the identified deficiencies. Financial losses in the amount of 274.5 million somoni were restored, including 108.4 million somoni to the budget, 136.6 million somoni to enterprises, and 29.5 million somoni to law enforcement agencies,” he noted.

Chillazhoda said that at present the Accounts Chamber is transitioning to the digital economy and introducing the paperless system and the implementation of programs and concepts approved by the government, and on this basis the implementation of the Development Strategy of the Accounts Chamber of Tajikistan for 2019-2023.

He added that an electronic audit program has also been developed and installed on special servers located in the building of the Accounts Chamber.

Currently, agreements on cooperation on electronic systems have been signed with the Customs Service, the Tax Committee, the Ministry of Finance, and Amonatbank. Coordination of programs and information is ongoing.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan