ADB awards grant to Tajikistan for rehabilitation of the south sewage collector in Dushanbe

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The contract is a part of the Dushanbe Water Supply and Sanitation Project financed by a $41 million grant from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), ADB’s Tajikistan Resident Mission (TJRM) said on June 9.


The almost 10-km south sewage collector was built in the 1970s. Its main role is to collect wastewater from the household sewerage networks in the city and convey it to the wastewater treatment plant.


The south sewage collector is presently dysfunctional. In the upper part of the collector, in particular in the blocked section along the airport, the wastewater is currently flowing into irrigation channel resulting in considerable health risks and environmental pollution. The rehabilitation of the presently dysfunctional south sewage collector will significantly improve the hygienic and environmental situation by properly draining the wastewater to the existing wastewater treatment plant.


After rehabilitation, the lifetime of the south sewage collector will extend by 60 years. With the improved sanitary condition, the attractiveness of this part of the city will be increased and the risk of diseases will be eliminated. Over 350,000 urban citizens will have better living and health conditions as a result of the improved sewerage.


ADB approved the Dushanbe Water Supply and Sanitation Project in November 2018 to rehabilitate and expand climate-resilient water supply and sanitation infrastructure in the southeast area of Dushanbe. The project is ADB’s first urban sector project in Tajikistan.


Tajikistan joined ADB in 1998, and to date ADB has approved over US$1.8 billion for the country, including more than US$1.3 billion in grants.


Source: Asia Plus