Aga Khan IV congratulated Emomali Rahmon

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The leader of the Ismailis of the world, Aga Khan IV, sent a congratulatory message and congratulated the President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, on the Independence Day.

The congratulatory message reads, among other things:

“Your Excellency,

I address to Your Excellency, Your Government and all the people of Tajikistan, a message of warm greetings and good wishes as you celebrate the Anniversary of Independence of the Tajik Republic. The Ismaili Imamat and the Aga Khan Development Network remain committed to supporting the vision and objectives of your government as you seek to foster economic growth and social development for all the Tajik peoples”.

The congratulatory message says that:

“Our long-standing cooperation is built on our shared goals of peace, stability, and an improved quality of life for Tajikistan and its peoples”.

Aga Khan IV has also expressed hope that “In these times of political, economic and security challenges at the global, regional, and local levels, it is my hope that this cooperation will endure in a spirit of friendship and mutual understanding”.

Recall, on September 9, Tajikistan celebrates its Independence Day, and in this regard, congratulatory messages to the President of Tajikistan are sent by the leaders of foreign countries and influential international organizations.