Against the background of the fall in the ruble against the dollar, the somoni in September has risen in price

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The official exchange rate of the ruble against the Tajik currency fell by 6.8% over the past month.


The National Bank of Tajikistan raised the official exchange rate of the somoni against the ruble last month from 0.1392 somoni in early September to 0.1296 somoni as of September 30.


The ruble exchange rate for today, October 1, recovered to 0.1311 somoni amid news about the growth of the exchange rate of the ruble.


According to the Moscow Exchange, the dollar fell by 1 ruble and 37 kopecks overnight.


Russian media report that the Central Bank will increase sales of foreign currency on the market from October 1. This should help strengthen the ruble, whose rate has been falling in recent days due to geopolitical risks.


Russian regulator intends to sell foreign currency for RUB 185 billion by the end of the year. Every day, the market will offer currencies worth 2.9 billion rubles in addition to its sales for the Ministry of Finance according to the budget rule. The daily volume of such transactions in September was about 2.4–2.5 billion rubles.


Meanwhile, the official exchange rate of the somoni against the dollar over the past month remained relatively unchanged (from 10.3197 somoni per $ 1 at the beginning of September to 10.3297 somoni – as of September 30), while the somoni, on the contrary, appreciated by 1.9% against the European currency (from 12.3228 somoni per 1 euro as of September 1 to 12.0893 somoni as of September 30).


Source: Asia Plus