Aid, migrants and “cargo-200”. Whom and what did “Tajik Air” bring from Russia

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This was reported in the information department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan.


The Foreign Ministry reported that the same flight in Dushanbe brought help from our compatriots living in Russia.


«A special flight also delivered to Tajikistan a consignment of medicines and protective equipment, antiviral drugs, protective masks, gloves and glasses purchased by our compatriots living in Russia», – reported to the country’s foreign ministry.


The information department also noted that the government decided to implement a plan for the gradual and phased return of citizens who ended up abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic (СOVID-19).


At the same time, the process of repatriation of citizens from abroad will depend on the creation of the necessary conditions, including the availability of appropriate places for quarantine or medical monitoring in Tajikistan.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health of the country did not say where the returned citizens would be quarantined..


Source: Asia Plus