American Tourists Struck by Khujand’s History and Beauty

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A group of US tourists visited Khujand in the Sughd Province, say that they were struck by tulip squares and historical monuments of Khujand, reported the Press Center of the city's administration.

During their tour of the ancient city of Khujand, they visited the provincial historical museum, the house-museum of the classic poet Kamoli Khujandi, as well as the territory of the culture and recreation park named after Kamoli Khujandi.

Bruce Maxwell, a resident of Arizona, said that he regrets that he had not previously had any information about Tajikistan, especially about its historical cities and localities.

For many years, Tajikistan was represented as one of Soviet Union republics and very little was said about its rich history, traditions and culture. While entering this ancient city, we were most impressed by the blooming tulips. These incomparable flowers attract the eye of visitors even more. We have not seen such beauty in any corner of the world, said Maxwell.

The tourists accidentally met with the chairman of Khujand Maruf Muhammadzoda at the entrance of the park named after Kamol Khujandi (PICTURED BELOW). During their friendly talk, they expressed their gratitude for the hospitality of the Tajik people and the favorable conditions for guests.

There are 32 historical monuments, three archaeological monuments, 25 architectural monuments in Khujand. Approximately 64,000 tourists visited Khujand last year contributing 2.7 million somoni to the city's industry.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan