Areas under super-intensive orchards increasing in northern Tajikistan

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Super intensity is reportedly provided due to the use of dwarf and high-yielding varieties of fruit trees as well as new innovative agricultural technologies, drip irrigation, soil cultivation and mineral fertilizers.


Fruit tree saplings were imported from Japan, Italy and Turkey and were adapted to soil and climatic conditions of Tajikistan. The efficiency of these gardens is several times higher than the intensive and traditional ones, and they will begin to bear fruit in the coming years.


For more efficient use of lands, various crops will be planted between the rows of the fruit trees.


Besides, an intensive prune orchard will be planted in an area of five hectares in the National Vahdat Orchard, which was laid out in an area of 631 hectares in Bobojon-Ghafourov district in 2008.


The National Vahdat Orchard is one of the largest orchards in Tajikistan. Apricot, apple, sweet cherry, plum and peach orchards as well as vineyards have been planted on the territory of the National Vahdat Orchard.


Super high density farming is an innovative system, which leads to an increase in production and a drastic reduction in costs, especially those related to harvesting.


Source: Asia Plus