Asht District Is Preparing to Export Apricots

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DUSHANBE,  Export of ripe apricots Shalakh, Arzanaki kalon and Ruhi jonona will start in the coming days. Approximately 120,000 boxes have already been prepared for the upcoming shipment.

Fresh apricots are mainly exported to Russia.

“Asht has more than 16,000 apricot orchards, of which 8,900 hectares are planted with productive apricot trees,” reported the head of district’s agriculture department Raftorjon Muhammadiev.

In a few days the district’s gardeners will start the new harvest. At present, more than 14,000 farms are engaged in its maintenance and safe collection.

The apricot orchards are mainly composed of mature varieties of Shalakh, Arzanaki kalon and Ruhi jonona, as well as ordinary apricot varieties such as Mirsanjali, Isfarak and Boboi.

“We have started explanatory work on collecting ripe apricots with reduced amount of damage. Zardolu-Company is looking to increase the export of apricots and cherries. Currently, there are 120 boxes of apricots that meet the requirements for export of 1,000 tons,” said Muhammadiev.

Last year, the district produced about 20,000 tons of apricots, of which more than 3,000 tons were exported to Russia by local entrepreneurs.

This year, the goal is to start the production of 20,000 tons of apricots, to supply the domestic market with their own products and then to export the rest to foreign countries.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan