Assembly of Representatives Adopts the Law to Advance Tajik Handicrafts

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The draft Law of Tajikistan On Handicraft was thoroughly reviewed and adopted yesterday at the meeting of the deputies of the Assembly of Representatives of the Supreme Assembly of Tajikistan. Following the official procedure, the law will enter into force.

While commenting on the law, the Chairman of Committee for Tourism Development Numon Abdugafforzoda noted that the draft Law of Tajikistan On Handicraft was developed on the basis of the instructions of President Emomali Rahmon in order to form the legal framework for the sphere of handicrafts, revival, protection and development of Tajikistan's cultural heritage, meeting the demand for handicraft products, exporting products to world markets, creating conditions for further development of handicrafts and welfare of the population.

The committee held various events with artisans and handicrafts organizations in the capital and regions of the country in order to discuss the draft law and consider the views and proposals of artisans.

Tourism and handicrafts are interrelated, the products of artisans are mainly offered to guests and international tourists. Currently, the number of artisans and their types of products is growing every day. Artisans are widely using the tax benefits provided by the government. According to the law provisions, the handicrafts authority was determined and this factor makes it possible to direct the main aspects of the industry development in the right direction. Also, the policy and state support in the field of handicrafts were determined, and incentives for the development of the industry were established. A Handicrafts Coordination Council will also be created, a handicrafts catalog will be compiled, handicrafts award will be established and state programs for the development of the industry will be developed and implemented, noted Abdugafforzoda.

Today, the most important tasks in the field of handicrafts include providing raw materials for the production of handicrafts, reducing the initial cost and competitiveness of handmade products, creating a national brand of handicrafts products, searching for new world markets for handicrafts products and developing a specific Handicraft Development Program.

In order to find new markets for products by national craftsmen, the products of Tajik artisans were exhibited in a number of international exhibitions, in particular, in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, United States, France, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Greece, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other countries, which have produced positive results.

Additionally, over 600 national and international events were organized this year in honor of the Year of Tourism Development and Folk Crafts, inlcuding the Jilvai Chakan Festival, Jeweler's Day Exhibition, Blacksmith Day, Pottery Day, Atlas Weaver Day, Chakan Festival and Exhibition, International Festival Rangorang, monthly exhibitions of artisans, spring and autumn exhibitions of handicrafts, a forum and international tourist and handicraft exhibitions, and other events.

Workshops and shops for the sale of crafts have been set up in hotels and tourist zones. Such exhibitions make it possible to determine the demand for these products, including from tourists.

The Law of Tajikistan On Handicraft was developed based on the international experience in order to support and develop folk crafts, identify areas of handicrafts in Tajikistan, train specialists in the field of handicrafts, create employment and raise the level of welfare of the population.

The effective implementation of this law should create favorable conditions for the development of rich folk arts of Tajikistan, thereby serving to advance the socio-economic and cultural spheres of the country.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan