Association of Legal Aid to Labor Migrants may open its representative office in Tajikistan

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Established in in Moscow in 2017, the Association of Legal Aid to Labor Migrants is a non-profit organization, which groups Russian recruitment agencies and private employment agencies, who are in direct contact with Russian employers and responsible for the entire process of legalization and employment of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation.


The process of organized employment is carried out in several stages: registration of an application from Russian employers and coordination of mobilization of candidates for employment; selection and pre-departure training of candidates; placement of candidates in places of residence and legalization of them in the territory of the Russian Federation; the conclusion of labor contracts and the entry of candidates for work.


It is to be noted that with a migrant worker population second only to that of the United States, a large swath of Russia’s labor force is vulnerable and open to exploitation. Workers are often unaware of their rights and many employers take advantage of this, forcing migrant workers to toil for hours on end in poor conditions. On top of this, workers are often not paid on time and, unaware of their rights, labor migrants are unable to protect their interests.


Source: Asia Plus