Azerbaijan releases images of area in Tartar, where 3 people got killed in mine blast (PHOTO)

Images Azerbaijan's Tartar district, where 3 people were killed by a mine explosion, has been released, Trend reports.

On April 28, as a result of the explosion of a mine in the Tartar, Nadir Yusifov (born in 1982), Sahavat Gozalov (born in 1981) and Farid Sadiyev (born in 1996), who collaborated with the RPS Energy Ltd company, which supplies independent oil and gas evaluations, seismic offshore operations, and offshore exploration, were killed.

Since the signing of the trilateral statement of November 10, 2020 by Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia on the transfer of detainees and up to today, a total of 298 people, including military personnel and civilians, have become victims of mines as a result of the explosion of mines laid by the Armenian armed forces, 54 of them were killed, 244 people were injured of varying severity.

Source: Trend News Agency