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Azerbaijan talks over dozen initiatives within COP29 chairmanship agenda – CEO

BAKU: Azerbaijan is discussing a total of 15 initiatives within the COP29 chairmanship agenda, COP29 Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Energy Minister Elnur Soltanov told reporters, Trend reports. "Azerbaijan has the opportunity to introduce its own initiatives as part of the COP29 chairmanship agenda. Currently, we are actively discussing 15 initiatives, and I am confident that Azerbaijan will make significant contributions and set a positive example for other countries worldwide in terms of performance and the preparation process for COP29," Soltanov said on the sidelines of the opening of a summer energy school in ADA. The deputy minister emphasized that, as COP29 chairman, Azerbaijan should maintain a neutral position and refrain from imposing initiatives. "All interested countries should be involved in decision-making. The negotiation process is currently underway," added the COP29 CEO. This November, Azerbaijan will host COP29. This decision was made at the COP28 plenary meeting held in Dubai on Decem ber 11 last year. Baku will become the center of the world and will receive about 70-80,000 foreign guests. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is an agreement signed at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992 to prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system. COP - the Conference of the Parties - is the highest legislative body overseeing the implementation of the Framework Convention on Climate Change. There are 198 countries that are parties to the Convention. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the COP is held annually. The first COP event took place in March 1995 in Germany's Berlin, with its secretariat in Bonn. Source: Trend News Agency