Azerbaijani MoD: Anatolian Eagle – 2023 International Flight-Tactical Exercises continue-VIDEO

The "Anatolian Eagle - 2023" International Flight-Tactical Exercises, held in Konya, Republic of Türkiye, continue, Azerbaijani MoD told APA.

On the next day of the exercises, according to the plan, the aircraft performed group flights from the base airfield and fulfilled various combat tasks in the daytime.

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As part of the joint operation, the aviation groups accomplished the tasks on surmounting the imaginary enemy’s air defense.

During the exercises, the pilots also conducted aerial reconnaissance and determined the coordinates of other ground targets of the imaginary enemy.

The flight crews successfully fulfilled the assigned tasks.

After the exercises, the engineering and technical staff worked out the tasks on the maintenance of combat aircraft and getting aircraft ready for the next flight in a short time.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency