Bomb threat reports: Students of 31 schools, colleges and universities evacuated

Students of at least 31 educational institutions were evacuated in Bishkek due to reports of planted explosive devices. Own sources in law enforcement agencies informed news agency.

Not only schools, but also higher educational institutions were evacuated. All students have been moved out of the buildings, the objects have been cordoned off.

Recall, educational institutions, public and private schools, as well as universities in Bishkek received reports of bombs today.

This is not the first hoax callers’ attack. Similar messages were received by educational institutions and shopping centers of the capital on March 22, January 20 and April 18. The organizers have not yet been found. Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for National Security Aibek Shamenov said that the accounts from which messages were sent are registered on the territory of Ukraine and Russia.

Source: News Agency