Border Troops Report About Conflict

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DUSHANBE,  Today at 11:55, contrary to previously signed agreements, a fire was opened from the house belonging to Kyrgyz citizen, resident of Kuktosh village of Aksay rural community Soat Bakhtibekov toward a Tajik citizen, resident of Qaqir settlement of Chorkuh rural community and a worker of the 14th Seed Brigade, 25-year-old Mutabarkhonum Sharopova (Mutabarkhonum Zuhriddin) wounding her in the right part of her body, reports the Border Troops’ Press Center of the Tajik State Committee for National Security.

This provocative action of the Kyrgyz resident is seen as an attempt to artificially destabilize the situation on the state border, which could provoke a backlash from border residents in this sensitive area.

Sharopova is hospitalized, currently in a stable condition. The representatives of the relevant authorities of the two countries are at the scene, conducting explanatory work among the population to normalize the situation.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan