Border Troops Reports About Border Conflict and Shootings in Isfara

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DUSHANBE, Today at 10:30, contrary to previously signed agreements Kyrgyz citizens entered into Tajik territory via Isfara’s Puli Oftobruya village, which borders the village of Chichilik populated by Kyrgyz, and came into conflict with border residents of Tajikistan, reports the Border Troops’ Press Center of the Tajik State Committee for National Security.

Residents of Puli Oftobruya village opposed the illegal actions of Kyrgyz citizens and demanded that they leave the village territory.

Instead of observing bilateral agreements that define the border line in the disputed territories, the Kyrgyz side sent additional border guards to the scene, who opened fire towards the unarmed residents of Tajik Puli Oftobruya village. As a result of the shooting of Kyrgyz border guards, ordinary soldier 19-year-old Davlatyor Zoirov received a gunshot wound to the leg.

These provocative actions of the Kyrgyz border guards are seen as an attempt to artificially destabilize the situation on the state border.

The representatives of the relevant authorities of the two countries are currently at the scene and are conducting explanatory work among the population to normalize the situation.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan