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Boxer Muhammadkhuja Yakubov inflicted a crushing defeat on an opponent from Argentina

Tajik boxer Muhammadkhuja Yakubov in the RCC Boxing Promotions tournament in Chelyabinsk won a confident victory over Argentinean Daniel Cordoba.

The fight was scheduled for eight rounds.

«Yakubov confidently started the fight, reports the sports.ru portal. - In the first round, Muhammadhuja constantly crushed the opponent, worked from a distance, and in the second, he almost knocked down Cordoba».

As noted, at the end of the second three-minute period, Yakubov pinned the opponent at the ropes and made a huge number of blows, but Carlos Daniel managed to survive until the gong.

Yakubov continued to beat the opponent in both the third and fourth rounds. The Tajik boxer completely controlled the situation in the ring, brought his punches to the target and constantly crushed the Argentine. In the fifth round, Yakubov knocked down Cordoba: the Argentine got down on one knee, then managed to continue the fight. Yakubov continued to attack, and in the final rounds the Argentine literally survived. He held out until the final gong, after which the obvious and unanimous decision of the judges was announced - Muhammad Yakubov won.

Source: Asia-Plus