BOZAR proposes to discover contemporary cinema from Central Asia

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Since 2019, BOZAR invites its audiences to celebrate Nowruz and discover the rich cultures of Central Asia and its neighbors.

This year, unable to meet at BOZAR, they propose to discover contemporary cinema of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan from the comfort of home.

The cinema from the Central Asian region has steadily found its way to a European public in recent years through many selections on prestigious film festivals.

According to the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Tajikistan, four internationally lauded films from the region will be presented in this year’s Nowruz Film Days from March 21-23.

Tajikistan will be represented by “The Road” by Nosir Saidov.

“The Road” recounts the journey of three Tajik women from their release from prison to the capital Dushanbe. Their trip is full of beautiful encounters but also of misadventures. Far from the female archetypes of the country, the three heroines appear as free and enterprising women. The film echoes the difficulties that some women encounter in their desire for emancipation and the reactions of society. Forcing them to come to terms with their respective pasts.

The Center for Fine Arts, which is often referred to as BOZAR, is a multi-purpose cultural venue in Brussels, Belgium.

Source: Asia-Plus