Burger weighing more than 3.5 kilograms created in Dushanbe

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The hamburger turned out to be the biggest in Dushanbe; at least at Mazza Café, where we created it yesterday as the Hamburger Day is held on July 27.

On this occasion, we together with Mazza Café decided to cook the biggest hamburger in their practice.

To cook such a hamburger it took more than a kilogram of meat and half a kilo of flour for a bun. And the burger itself turned out to weigh more than 3 5 kilograms. Watch and try to cook the same hamburger at home.

No one knows for sure who started or when the burger day was created in the same way that no one knows who invented the burger in the first place, and Burger Day has no official date that is set by the government or any authority. In the United States, some people hold the National Hamburger Day on July 28th in line with the belief that Louis Lassen invented the popular meal in New Haven, Connecticut on the same date. Others mark December 21st as the National Hamburger Day. Other countries also hold Burger Day on different dates. The United Kingdom, for instance, hold their National Burger Day on the last Thursday of August. The varying dates and multiple times Burger Day is celebrated every year only shows that one day is simply not enough to celebrate hamburgers.

Foodimentary published five food finds about hamburgers: 1) the oldest fast food restaurant in the world is the White Castle franchise, which opened in 1921; 2) the people of America eat more burgers out at restaurants or on the go than they do at home; 3) the largest hamburger ever created was over 8,000 pounds and was cooked for a burger festival in Wisconsin; 4) however, the hamburger in its current form, with ground beef and a bun, is a decidedly American creation; and 5) hamburgers are made of beef, not ham, and there is much debate over whether they actually originated in Hamburg.

Source: Asia-Plus