Campaign to raise awareness on climate change and environmental protection held in Tajikistan

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The campaign was organized in the framework of the partnership to strengthen action on climate change and biodiversity conservation in accordance with the country’s commitments under the international Paris Agreement on Climate Change as well as the Convention on Biological Diversity.


According to GIZ Office in Tajikistan, the Green Climate Action Month presented a number of inspirational online activities such as online climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation, art contests, quizzes, student debates and a series of podcasts with experts, and concluded with a panel discussion involving government agencies, civil society and the international community.


The Green Climate Action Month was based on an improved understanding and attention to environmental and climate change issues around the world. The initiative aimed to raise awareness and educate on environmental issues through online activities available throughout Tajikistan and beyond with the hashtags: #Иқлими_сабз #trashtag, #GreenQuarantine, #ForNature, #CEPGreenClimateAction, #GIZGreenClimateAction.


The following events were also held: a series of online quizzes on environment and climate; painting competition on climate change and nature protection; podcast series – podcasts on climate change, forestry, agriculture and forestry, and biodiversity; and panel discussion with the participation of representatives of the Government of Tajikistan, civil society and international organizations.


The online events were followed by a closing ceremony on November 21, during which the Committee for Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and GIZ planted 100 trees in Omar Khayyam Park in Dushanbe.


To achieve the objectives of the International Decade of Action on “Water for Sustainable Development, 2018-2028″, climate change adaptation and mitigation are very important for Tajikistan. The country is committed to international agreements on climate change and biodiversity conservation. Environmental problems are complex and require an integrative approach to find solutions that are environmentally, socially, and economically viable. Raising awareness on these complex issues and informing the population is therefore one of the core activities of the committee. The green climate action month and its activities contributed to the ongoing state environmental education program.


During the Green Climate Action Month, bloggers reportedly received more than 500,000 views at regular art contests, video and podcasts, as well as more than 200 digital paintings were submitted, and dozens of Tajik students exchanged their views and emphasized the importance of nature and the necessary protection of the environment. The wide range of events filled the virtual world of Tajikistan with “Green Climate” messages and news.


Source: Asia Plus