Cases of flooding of underage children

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Thus, on July 16, 2017, approximately 08:00 in the morning, 7-year-old boy, resident of Tursunzade township, drowned in the Drainage canal near the house.

Also, on this day, around 08:30 in the morning, a one-year-old girl, resident of district A. Jomi, left unattended her parents fell into the irrigation ditch near the house and drowned.

On the same day, at 12:00 noon, a 5-year-old boy, resident district of J. Balkhi, was drowned in the Qumsangir river, which is located on the territory of the rural jamoat of Balkhi district. To find the body of a drowned boy, search works are conducted.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan