Department for measles patients to be opened in Infectious Diseases Hospital

It is planned to open an additional department for measles patients at the Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital. The chief doctor of the Republican Clinical Hospital Gulzhigit Aaliev informed news agency.

According to him, there are currently 78 such patients being treated in hospital, another 17 are still in question.

«We also isolate patients with an unknown diagnosis; they are hospitalized separately, so they occupy a large number of rooms,» Gulzhigit Aaliev said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health reported a worsening epidemiological situation due to an increase in measles cases. According to the Republican Center for Immunoprophylaxis, about 3,300 people have fallen ill with it since the beginning of the year, mostly children under four. Most of the cases were registered in Bishkek and Osh cities, as well as in Osh and Chui regions.

The campaign of additional immunization against measles and rubella among children from nine months to seven years old inclusive continues.

Doctors urge parents to promptly vaccinate their children, which helps prevent outbreaks in children’s groups and reduce the risk of infection in adults, for whom the likelihood of developing complications is much higher.

Source: News Agency

Citizen injured in mine explosion in Azerbaijan’s Tartar had his foot amputated

The Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Mine Action (ANAMA) has disclosed further information on a mine explosion in Tartar district, Trend reports.

On November 5, in the direction of the village of Tepekend of Tartar district, a mine incident occurred in an area that had not been cleared of mines.

As a result of the explosion of an anti-personnel mine, a resident of the village of Seyidimli, Terter region, Asif Huseynov was injured.

As a result of his injuries, his right foot was amputated.

ANAMA once again calls on citizens not to enter dangerous areas, behave responsibly and follow the necessary rules.

Source: Trend News Agency

Vaccination process regarding COVID-19 in Azerbaijan has almost ended – Minister of Health

"Vaccination process regarding COVID-19 in Azerbaijan has almost successfully ended," Teymur Musayev, the Minister of Health of Azerbaijan told journalists, APA reports.

He noted that the epidemiological situation is satisfactory: "We have enough vaccine stock. It is still not too late for those who have not been vaccinated. I urge citizens to understand their responsibilities and get vaccinated."

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

KOICA donates X-ray, ultrasound machines to medical organizations in Kyrgyzstan

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) handed over medical equipment to the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan. The press center of the agency reported.

According to it, the equipment worth 56,067 million soms was purchased to create favorable conditions for increasing resistance to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in Kyrgyzstan. It has been transferred to healthcare organizations across the country.

A total of seven stationary digital X-ray machines, six stationary ultrasound machines and one ophthalmic laser have been purchased.

Source: News Agency

Armed attack strikes Azerbaijan’s Sumgayit, leaving two dead and several injured

There has been an armed intrusion into a house in Azerbaijan's Sumgayit, resulting in casualties and injuries, APA reports.

The incident occurred in a private residence in the Corat Baglari residential complex located in the 16th microdistrict.

During the attack, Ferejov Dagbayi and his daughter Karakas Suzana were killed.

In addition, Turkish citizen Karakas Serkan, as well as Ferejov Terlan were injured.

The family's daughters, Yagmur and Cansu, were unharmed during the attack.

Law enforcement agencies and emergency medical teams have been dispatched to the scene.

Necessary investigative measures are currently underway.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

Health Ministry asks Turkey to renew quota for treatment of citizens

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan asks Turkey to renew quota for the treatment of seriously ill citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic. The press center of the ministry reports.

According to it, Alymkadyr Beishenaliev met with his colleague Fahrettin Koca on the sidelines of the Turkish Medical World Congress, which is taking place in Istanbul.

The parties discussed current issues of bilateral cooperation.

Alymkadyr Beishenaliev raised the issue of renewing annual quotas for citizens of Kyrgyzstan to receive highly qualified medical care in Turkish clinics. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, admission of Kyrgyzstanis was suspended in 2020.

The parties also discussed the construction of an additional building of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Friendship Hospital in Bishkek.

Fahrettin Koca noted that the Turkish side would consider the possibility of renewing quotas for seriously ill Kyrgyzstanis.

According to the Ministry of Health, 20 Kyrgyz doctors and nursing staff will improve their skills in the Republic of Turkey.

Source: News Agency

3 dead, 16 injured in Lebanese prison fire

Three prisoners were killed and 16 others injured on Friday in a fire inside a prison in Zahle, located in the Bekaa valley in eastern Lebanon, Xinhua reports citing the National News Agency. The fire was set by several prisoners as they were trying to escape from the prison due to dire living conditions there amid the current financial crisis, said the report. Civil defense teams and the Red Cross staff have intervened and transferred the injured to nearby hospitals. The army and security forces were deployed around the prison building, which hosts about 650 prisoners, to foil further escape attempts. Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi has assigned the governor of Bekaa, Kamal Abou Jaoude, to follow up on the developments, especially in evacuating prisoners and treating the injured. The situation in Lebanese prisons has worsened since the economic crisis in 2019, with prisoners complaining about the overcrowded space and the absence of proper meals.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

15 dead, over 100 injured as series of earthquakes hit northwestern Afghanistan

At least 15 people were killed and over 100 wounded in a series of earthquakes that hit the northwestern part of Afghanistan on Saturday, officials said, fearing the death toll might go up, according to Anadolu Agency. Afghanistan Disaster Management Authority's spokesman Mullah Janan Saiq said the death toll could further rise, adding the earthquakes caused heavy damage in northwestern Herat and Badghis provinces. 'So far 15 people are killed and 40 others wounded who were shifted to local hospital,' Saiq said in a video message posted on YouTube. However, Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Anadolu that the number of deaths now stands around 15 to 20 while over 100 have been wounded. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), strong earthquakes of magnitude 5.5, 5.9, and 6.2 jolted the Herat and Badghis provinces of Afghanistan. World Health Organization (WHO) Afghanistan said casualties from the earthquake continue to be reported. 'As deaths and casualties from the #earthquake in #Herat, @Afghanistan continue to be reported, @WHO Teams are in hospitals assisting treatment of wounded and assessing additional needs. @WHO-supported ambulances are transporting those affected, most of them women and children,' WHO said on X. The strong tremors spread panic among locals and thousands of people came out of their homes and markets.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Increase in ARVI incidence: Flu vaccine to be distributed among regions

The Department of Disease Prevention and State Sanitary Surveillance purchased 90,666 doses of influenza vaccine through a tender.

According to the department, Grippol+ vaccine is currently being distributed and shipped to all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Vaccination is free, but first of all, people from risk groups will be vaccinated, namely:

Medical workers;

Persons with chronic diseases;

Sickly children;

Persons over 65;

Pregnant women.

Nonspecific prevention of respiratory infections consists of the following simple rules:

Wearing of masks and social distancing;

Respiratory hygiene (covering your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing with tissues);

Avoiding hypothermia and overheating of the body;

Timely self-isolation of people who feel unwell, with high fever and other flu symptoms;

Sanitary and hygienic measures (hand hygiene, regular ventilation of premises, wet cleaning, etc.).

If a child has symptoms of ARVI, it is recommended not to send them to school or kindergarten until they recover, and to seek help from a doctor.

In addition, it is necessary to adhere to a study and rest regime, not to overwork, spend more time in the fresh air, sleep enough time and eat well, as well as do morning exercises and work out.

Source: News Agency