500 parents to be trained in socialization skills for children with disabilities

At least 540 parents of children with disabilities will be trained as part of the state social order. The Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Migration of Kyrgyzstan reported.

According to the ministry, the project «Parental education, teaching parents of children with disabilities the basics of rehabilitation» is being implemented by Together Toward Health Public Foundation and the Kyrgyz State University named after Arabayev.

It is planned that parents from all over the country will receive the necessary knowledge in the field of psychological and pedagogical education, which is necessary to unlock the potential of mothers and children, as well as skills for socialization of children with disabilities.

According to Deputy Minister of Labor Zhanyl Alybayeva, within the framework of the state social order, the ministry provides additional social services to vulnerable segments of the population, including children with disabilities.

«If last year 37 million soms were allocated from the republican budget for socially significant projects, this year it is already 48.7 million soms. 47 centers were supported and 20 new centers were created, which provide various services to persons with disabilities, children in difficult life situations,» she said.

Source: 24.kg News Agency

Measles outbreak: Immunization campaign starts in Kyrgyzstan

An immunization campaign has been launched in Kyrgyzstan in response to a measles outbreak. The representative of the World Health Organization to Kyrgyzstan, Liviu Vedrasco, announced at a press conference.

He recalled that measles is a highly contagious disease and before the introduction of the vaccine in 1963, major epidemics occurred every two — three years.

«Measles vaccination rates around the world have declined steadily due to the pandemic, and a large number of children — almost 40 million — missed vaccinations in 2021. There were an estimated 9 million measles cases and 128,000 deaths in 2021. Large-scale and devastating outbreaks have been reported in 22 countries. Measles still poses a threat in all regions. It can spread quickly among population and even across borders. But fortunately, this disease can be stopped through vaccination,» Liviu Vedrasco said.

He added that at the request of the Ministry of Health, an anti-measles vaccine was delivered to Kyrgyzstan. «We hope that this will make it possible to reduce the circulation of measles and eliminate this outbreak,» the WHO representative said.

Source: 24.kg News Agency

Heath Ministry will be completely digitalized in 2024 – Beishenaliev

By June 1, 2024, the Ministry of Health will completely switch to electronic format. The Health Minister of Kyrgyzstan Alymkadyr Beishenaliev announced this at a meeting of Ata Jurt Kyrgyzstan faction.

At the same time, he noted that so far not a single sector of his ministry has switched to an electronic system.

Deputy Zhyldyz Sadyrbaeva said that it is impossible to digitalize all healthcare sector within this period. The minister said that they have been working in this direction for three years.

The deputy reminded that in January, five babies died from infection in Issyk-Kul region. But the Ministry of Health limited itself to conducting a five-day training.

«This can happen only here in the modern world. It is necessary to carry out preventive measures and repair maternity hospitals. In Soviet times, in such cases, even the plaster was removed. And it was necessary to carry out at least a month’s campaign throughout the republic to prevent such cases. This is a blatant fact: healthy children died from infection,» she said.

Zhyldyz Sadyrbaeva also proposed to the minister to reform the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund.

Source: 24.kg News Agency

Measles outbreak: Vaccine for additional vaccinations delivered to Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan received 755,500 doses of rubella-measles vaccine from the Measles and Rubella Initiative. The Ministry of Health reported.

The vaccine will be used to vaccinate children aged from nine months to seven years old inclusive as part of the outbreak’s immunization campaign.

The children will be vaccinated at temporary vaccination points that will be created in healthcare organizations and educational institutions.

«To reduce the circulation of the measles virus, contain the outbreak and prevent its further spread, the Ministry of Health, with the support of WHO and UNICEF, prepared an emergency country application to the Outbreak Response Fund established as part of the Measles and Rubella Initiative,» the Ministry of Health said.

The additional immunization campaign against measles and rubella will begin on September 18 in Bishkek, Osh, Chui and Osh regions and will last until September 29.

As part of the campaign against measles and rubella, more than 750 temporary vaccination points will operate at the Family Medicine Centers, Family Doctor Groups, medical and obstetric centers, as well as in educational institutions. In addition, medical workers will conduct on-site vaccinations for children living in hard-to-reach settlements. In total, 60 mobile teams are planned to be involved in the campaign.

«Routine and «catch-up» immunization against measles will be carried out in health care organizations in other regions to prevent the circulation of the measles virus among children aged 12 months and six years using the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine,» the ministry noted.

During the campaign, specialists from health care organizations, together with representatives of local government bodies and with the involvement of regional media, will hold conversations about the importance of vaccination against measles and rubella with parents of children included in the target group, heads of preschool and school education institutions.

Since the beginning of the year, 1,982 people have been infected with measles, of whom 147 adults and 1,835 children (1,454 of them are from zero to four years old). Most of the cases were registered in Osh region (635 people), Bishkek (485), Osh city (296). Less cases were registered in Chui (214 people), Jalal-Abad (116), Batken (92), Talas (77), Issyk-Kul (60) and Naryn (7) regions.

Measles is a dangerous and highly contagious viral disease for which there is no cure, and complications of the disease can be fatal. Children and adults who have not been vaccinated are at risk. Only vaccination can protect against the disease.

Source: 24.kg News Agency

Azerbaijan logged 126 new COVID-19 cases over past week

126 new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Azerbaijan from September 4 to 11, while 123 patients have been recovered, the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers told AZERTAC. 'The overall confirmed cases in Azerbaijan have reached 832,438, with 822,004 recoveries and 10,302 deaths, while treatment of 132 others is underway. A total of 7,677,476 coronavirus tests have been conducted in the country so far,' the Task Force added.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Over 600 dengue deaths recorded in Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi government has confirmed another 16 deaths from dengue fever, bringing the total number of fatalities in the country since January to 634, Xinhua reports citing the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) under the Ministry of Health. The deaths includes 41 in September, 342 in August and 204 in July. On Sept. 1-3, 6,494 more dengue cases were recorded after 71,976 people were infected with the mosquito-borne disease last month, according to DGHS. A total of 2,608 fresh dengue cases, including 892 in Dhaka, were reported in the 24 hours till 8:00 a.m. local time Sunday, DGHS data showed. The total number of dengue fever cases reported since the start of January reached 130,302. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. Symptoms may include a high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

EU Commission okays updated COVID-19 vaccine

The European Commission on Friday gave the green light for the latest version of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, in time for the autumn and winter season immunization campaigns, according to Anadolu Agency. The EU executive body announced in a statement that it has authorized 'the Comirnaty XBB.1.5-adapted COVID-19 vaccine, developed by BioNTech-Pfizer' to allow EU member states to get ready "in time for their autumn-winter vaccination campaigns.' 'COVID-19 will circulate in parallel to seasonal influenza during the upcoming autumn and winter season,' EU Commissioner for Health Stella Kyriakides warned. The updated jab 'will target emerging and spreading variants' of the virus, she stressed, calling on all EU citizens to get vaccinated. The jab is the third adaptation of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine that responds to the newest variants of the disease. According to the recommendation of the European Medicines Agency, adults and children over the age of five should receive one dose regardless of their vaccination history.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Azerbaijan confirms 111 more COVID-19 cases over the last week, 5 people died

Azerbaijan has detected 111 new COVID-19 cases over the last week (21-27 August),26 patients have recovered, APA reports.

5 people whose analysis samples were positive have died. Up until now 832 132 people have been infected with coronavirus in the country, 821 773 of them have recovered, and 10 300 people have died. Currently, 109 people are under treatment in special hospitals.

A total of 3 386 tests for COVID-19 have been conducted in the country over the last week, in general, 7 671 823 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

Azerbaijan names number of COVID-19 infections over past week

Azerbaijan has detected 111 cases of coronavirus infection in the last week (from August 21 through August 27, 2023), and 26 people have been cured, Trend reports, referring to the Operational Headquarters under the country's Cabinet of Ministers.

A total of 832,132 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Azerbaijan; 821,773 people were cured, 10,300 died, and the number of active patients is 109.

Over the past week, 3,386 tests for COVID-19 have been conducted in the country, and in general, 7.7 million since the beginning of the pandemic.

Source: TREND News Agency