CCER Chairman Receives a Number of International Observers Missions Heads

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DUSHANBE: Today, the Chairman of the Tajik Central Commission for Elections and Referenda (CCER) Bakhtiyor Khudoyorzoda received a number of heads of international observers missions.

Khudoyorzoda informed observers about preparatory work for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The meeting also focused on the issues relating to elections holding.

Strengthening and development of stable and long-term bilateral relations with CIS countries is of great importance in the foreign policy of Tajikistan. In this regard, Tajikistan is always striving to create the most favorable conditions for the development of multifaceted and beneficial relations across the CIS, Khudoyorzoda said.

CCER has undertaken all necessary measures to hold free and transparent elections based on the country's legislation. Yesterday, the political parties and candidates concluded their campaign throughout the country in the form of meetings with voters and speeches on TV, radio and periodicals. Tomorrow, voters can visit polling stations from 6:00 through 20:00 and use their constitutional rights to vote for worthy candidates, Khudoyorzoda added.

Heads of International Observers Missions expressed their satisfaction with the achievements of Tajikistan in recent years. Tajikistan is known worldwide as an initiator in addressing global and influential issues relating to regulating regional political processes. While taking strong steps in the world arena, Tajikistan reinforced its position by promoting logical policy and constructive proposals, and will continue to play a greater role in the world.

The nomination of a large number of women candidates to the Assembly of Representatives will gain a stronger position in building a democratic, legal and secular society and could play a constructive and instructive role for the region.

The parties unanimously noted that the work of international observers will promote the elections' transparency and openness.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan