Chairman of the Sughd Region Receives Delegation from the World Bank

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Chairman of Sughd Rajabboy Ahmadzoda received the delegation from the World Bank (WB) headed by Teklu Tesfay.

The parties exchanged views on the implementation of new projects of this international financial institution and noted their appreciation of WB’s role in the development of the economy.

Taking into account the measures taken by the government to develop various sectors of the economy, Ahmadzoda noted that there are still many untapped opportunities in industry and agriculture.

“The implementation of various projects over the past few years, such as the Agricultural Commercialization project supported by the WB, has been very beneficial for farmers,” he said.

Ahmadzoda drew the attention of the WB delegation to investments in agriculture, and stressed that with the creation of new reservoirs in the Devashtich and Shahriston districts, thousands of hectares of land can be developed, new gardens created and various crops planted.

With WB’s assistance in ensuring the development of the agricultural sector, a new project will be implemented that will support seed farms.

According to forecasts, the project will import new varieties of potatoes, wheat, as well as super-intensive fruit trees and shrubs, and farms will be provided with high-quality seedlings and seeds.

Along with this, there is a plan to organize advanced training courses for seed farms, and to teach cultivation technologies, irrigation, and other modern practices.

The parties also discussed the prospects for cooperation and expressed their readiness for the successful implementation of new projects.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan