Chairman of the Tajik State Committee for National Security Urges to Rely on Legal Acts in Resolving Border Conflicts

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The Chairman of the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan Saimumin Yatimov pointed to non-compliance with previously reached protocols as the cause of new conflicts.

“Noncompliance with legal acts, and previously signed protocols lead to conflicts,” said Yatimov.

He noted that it is necessary to eliminate the main causes of conflict and make a decision based on the essence of the issues.

“We must proceed not from phenomena, but from the essence, and the final decision must be made with that in mind. When we talk about essence, we mean patterns. We are talking about legal acts that must always be followed without fail. And these legal acts must be implemented on the basis of mutual consent and expression of will,” noted Yatimov.

He added that when resolving conflicts that arise on the Tajik and Kyrgyz border, the parties proceed from the provisions of the fundamental document — the protocol of 1924-1927, as well as the protocol of the parity commission of 1989, and protocols signed by intergovernmental commissions, reflecting the interests of the two states.

According to him, during the talks to resolve the conflict on the border, the parties agreed to implement Protocol No. 3 of the Intergovernmental Commission dated May 1, 2021.

“We agreed that during the talks we should keep in mind the fundamental documents that were signed as a result of the work of commissions. We agreed that the requirements of the protocols must be strictly implemented,” Yatimov said.

“We will work on the signed points of this protocol, which were previously announced. Exactly in eight days the commissions on topographical and legal issues will begin their work. This work will be carried out continuously in order to resolve all issues related to border delimitation and demarcation. In the near future we will meet and discuss the work of these commissions,” he emphasized.

He added that although no protocols were signed following the meeting, there are things that are more important than protocols.

“We gave our word, shook hands with each other, that we will implement what we have agreed and discussed. These issues will certainly reflect the interests of the two fraternal people,” he stated.

Yatimov and his Kyrgyz counterpart Kamchybek Tashiev held talks in connection with the armed conflict in the border area which occurred on January 27.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan