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Chairman of the Ulema Council of Tajikistan Will Attend VII Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions

Chairman of the Ulema Council of the Islamic Center of Tajikistan Saidmukarram Abdukodirzoda will take part in the VII Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.

The congress will be held from September 15 through September 16 in Kazakh capital, Nursultan, under the title “The role of leaders of world and traditional religions in the socio-spiritual development of mankind in the post-pandemic period.”

Abdukodirzoda will deliver speech in Arabic on the theme “The contribution of religious leaders to the promotion of world dialogue and peace, the fight against extremism, radicalism and terrorism, especially on a religious basis.”

Hundreds of representatives from 50 countries are expected to take part and deliver speech at the congress.

According to Kazakh media, the congress is also expected to be attended by Pope Francis, Supreme Imam of Al-Azhar (Egypt) Sheikh Ahmed at-Tayyib and other spiritual leaders.

Following the congress, participants will adopt a declaration on strengthening ties between civilizations and religions, as well as on topical problems of the world community.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan