Chief of Presidential Executive Office Ozoda Rahmon Says With Coronavirus Outbreak and Spread, World Is Facing a New Economic and Financial Crisis

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DUSHANBE,  In an interview with the parliamentary newspaper Sadoi Mardum, Chief of the Presidential Executive Office Ozoda Rahmon shared the results of her activities as a member of the National Assembly and the chairwoman of one of its committees.

Ozoda spoke about the results of the committee’s work and her vision of both the global and intra-public situation.

While answering questions about the activities of the prosecution authorities, Ozoda Rahmon noted her positive assessment of their work and said that within the country’s legislation, all their methods and capabilities should be aimed at substantially ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens and stability of society.

“It seems to me that with the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus, the world is faced with a new economic and financial crisis. In this regard, one of our tasks, and that of the prosecutors, including, along with preventing the spread of this virus, is to take all necessary measures to ensure the country’s economic security, increase its export potential, improve the living standard of the population and sanitary as well as hygienic education of citizens,” she said.

In view of this, Ozoda Rahmon mentioned amendments and additions that were made to the law “On the Parents Responsibility in the Children’s Education and Upbringing,” last year.

This law obliges parents to raise their children in the spirit of patriotism, love of the homeland, respect for the law, national and universal values, and the predominance of national interests over personal ones. Parents should also educate their children to observe the rules of personal hygiene and behave in a decorous manner.

Ozoda Rahmon also focused on the situation of Tajik women.

“We must create all the necessary conditions for women, because in the closed culture of a family unit, it is the woman that is predominantly  involved in education and upbringing of children. We, women, want men to also take part in raising children with full responsibility,” said Ozoda Rahmon.

She emphasized that several state programs are being implemented today to improve the status of women in society and facilitate their greater participation in public administration.

“According to the state’s gender policy, the constitutional principle of equality of women and men and their equal opportunities should work in all spheres of activity,” she said.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan