China coronavirus circuit-breaker suspends international flights

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On June 4, Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a notice to adjust the previous “five-one” restriction policy on international flights. After that, more foreign airlines can resume flights to China under the “five-one” policy. At present, as China has been transformed from a high-risk country to the safest country in the world, countries are planning to resume flights to China.


[Big news] Civil Aviation Administration of China adjusted the number of international passenger flights


However, a new requirement has been proposed in the notice, namely, airlines should obtain the Confirmation Letter on Epidemic Prevention and Control Capacity (i.e., Letter of Acceptance) issued by the Provincial Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Office or the Office of the Leading Group for Epidemic Response where the airport is located before arranging new routes and flights.


But, few city will issue the Letter of Acceptance, especially due to the outbreak of the second wave of COVID-19 in Beijing. On June 15, 36 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported in Beijing. That means the number of newly confirmed local cases in Beijing has reached 79 in four days. In addition, the epidemic is spreading to other parts of China. Cases linked to confirmed cases in Beijing were reported in Heibei, Liaoning and Sichuan. Port cities will certainly be on their guard for all possible dangers…


In addition, the circuit-breaker announced by Civil Aviation Administration of China is also a sword hanging over that airlines cannot control. On June 11, 17 passengers on China Southern Airlines CZ392 from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Guangzhou were identified positive in the detection of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid. According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China’s Notice on Adjusting International Passenger Flights issued on June 4, the flight circuit-breaker condition has been triggered. Civil Aviation Administration of China decided to impose a circuit-breaker measure on the flight, that is, to suspend the flight from June 22 for four weeks. This is the first “circuit-breaker instruction” issued by Civil Aviation Administration of China in 10 days since the implementation of the Civil Aviation Administration of China’s Notice on Adjusting International Passenger Flights.


Under the circumstances, civil aviation administrations and airlines of various countries will focus on obtaining the Letter of Acceptance. The policy has been issued, but how can they obtain the Letter of Acceptance? Without the Letter of Acceptance, the resumption of flight will be a complex process. Even with the Letter of Acceptance, once there are imported cases, the circuit-breaker condition will be triggered, and flights will be suspended for another month. It’s such a tough situation…


Source: Asia Plus