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China expresses readiness to actively participate in construction and use of Middle Corridor

The Parties will support each other's efforts in addressing issues of ensuring the safety and uninterrupted operation of international transport corridors passing through their territories and create favorable conditions for transit traffic within the framework of national legislation and bilateral agreements, notes the "Joint Declaration of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the People's Republic of China on the establishment of a strategic partnership" adopted on July 3 within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit held in Astana, APA reports. The Joint Declaration states that China expresses its readiness to actively participate in the construction and use of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Corridor ('Middle Corridor'), work more closely with Azerbaijan and other countries along the route to jointly facilitate the uninterrupted operation and accelerated development of the southern corridor for China-Europe freight trains and in the opposite direction, create favorable p rerequisites for deepening regional practical cooperation, jointly ensure the safety and stability of production and supply chains. Source: Azeri-Press news agency