China leads by a wide margin in the supply of humanitarian aid to Tajikistan

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Since the beginning of the year, the Celestial Empire has provided the republic with humanitarian assistance in the amount of $ 14 million.


In eight months of this year, Tajikistan received humanitarian aid worth more than $ 33.6 million, the Agency on Statistics under the President of the country with reference to the customs department reports.


Aid weighing more than 14 thousand tons was supplied by 54 countries of the world.


The main donors among them were China (41.3% of the total), Uzbekistan (12.3%), Turkey (11.7%), India (9.4%), Kazakhstan (5.5%), Russia (4.2%), Denmark (2.3%), Netherlands (1.6%), USA (1.3%), Belgium (1.2%), Germany (0.9%), South Korea (0,8%), etc.


Earlier, the republic’s anti-corruption department denied rumors that humanitarian aid arriving in the republic, including food and medicine, was put up for sale.


The head of the Agency for State Financial Control and Combating Corruption Sulaymon Sultonzoda said on July 28 at a press conference that not a single fact of the sale of humanitarian aid has been registered in the republic..


Before him, these rumors were denied by the Prosecutor General of Tajikistan, Yusuf Rahmon.


Source: Asia Plus