Clash of Opel cars

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At about 14:20 of the day, the driver of the car brand "Opel Astra", 22-year-old resident of Vahdat following from the city of Norak into the direction of Dushanbe on the territory village Gulabad of Vahdat district lost control over the vehicle on the opposite lane of the road collided with another car brand "Opel Astra" is running by 34-year resident of Hamadoni district, that followed from Dushanbe in the direction of Kulob. Then, 35-year-old driver of the car brand "Opel Astra", resident of Dangara district, which followed after the second car, crashed into the back of the second "Opel-Astra". As a result of the collision of vehicles, passengers of first Opel, 20-year-old resident of Bokhtar district, because of serious injuries, died in hospital, another 19-year-old resident of Dangara was taken to hospital.

Also, the third passenger "Opel Astra", 55-year-old female, resident of Dangara district with severe injuries, was hospitalized.

25.11.2016, approximately at 14.30 days, 27-year-old driver of the car "Mercedes-Benz", resident of Panj district, moving from the village Shakhmat towards Panj Township, could not ensure the safety of road, hit a local 70-year-old cyclist. Subsequently, the elderly man, died in hospital.

Source: Minstry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan