Collective vaccination in Sughd DMIA

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Last week, the Sughd police directorate began vaccinating its staff against coronavirus. The joint immunization campaign was organized on the instructions of the head of the Sughd police department, Major General Navjuvonov Abdullo Shanbievich. vaccinations are covered. Organized vaccination is carried out by a working group of doctors of the medical department of the Department, who will visit the Department, services and units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the cities and districts of Sughd region and vaccinate staff. The vaccine, which is in the possession of the medical department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Sughd region and is conducting the first dose, is a vaccine made in the People’s Republic of China “KoronaVak”.
Till the beginning of the collective vaccination campaign, soldiers and officers of the military unit №3501 of the Department of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with headquarters in Khujand, employees of departments and services of the Department, the State Automobile Inspection are fully vaccinated and vaccination continues in other departments. As everyone knows, medical professionals know that one of the ways to avoid getting COVID-19 is to get vaccinated against this common infection. Therefore, we need to follow the advice of doctors.


Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan