Commissioning of the Community Policing Center in Istaravshan

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On June 28, a new building of the ??????2 Police Service Zone and the Community Policing Center was commissioned in Istaravshan's Poshkent jamoat.

The building consists of two offices of regional police inspectors, a room of the Center for Community Cooperation with the police and other ancillary infrastructure, such as a dining room and a laundry room, equipped with all modern facilities. has been.

Maj. Gen. Navjuvonov Abdullo Shanbievich, National Coordinator for Police Reform, Colonel Hamdamzoda Valikhon Hamdam, First Deputy Mayor of Istaravshan Abdusattor Qodiri, Chief of Istaravshan Police Department Odinazoda, representatives of the Public Council for Civil Society Assistance in Ensuring Public Order at the DMIA in Istaravshan, staff of the department and members of the public.

The new building, built to bring police closer to the community, is part of a multi-faceted police reform program in which the Ministry of Internal Affairs works with the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Division (INL) at the US Embassy in Dushanbe. international organization Saferworld (safe) World ?ahra?ardori taken

After istifodadihii facilities in the courtyard free conversation with the personnel, members of the public Council on civil society and assistance in ensuring the public order police in the city of Istaravshan and activists of the region.

The head of the Sughd police directorate, Major General Abdullo Navjuvonov, stressed that police co-operation with the public was one of the priorities of police reform. It is as a result of such cooperation that the existing problems in the society are quickly eliminated and the negative phenomena are prevented. Establishment and establishment of such centers is aimed at protecting the rights and interests of citizens, ensuring security and order in the region in cooperation with the police.

Colonel Hamdamzoda Valikhon Hamdam also spoke about the effective use of the existing conditions, the expansion of police cooperation with society, gaining the trust of the people and joint efforts to combat crime in the speech of the National Coordinator for Police Reform.

The First Deputy Chairman of Istaravshan Abdusattor Qodiri also called for the construction and commissioning of service facilities of law enforcement agencies and stated that the Hukumat of Istaravshan is always ready to assist in creating working conditions. Because practical experience proves that it is as a result of cooperation of civil society with the police that security and order are available.

During the ceremony, local entrepreneur Ikrom Sharopov was awarded the medal "For Cooperation" by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for his contribution to the improvement work. It should be noted that all offices are equipped with modern equipment and all the conditions are created. At the same time, 4 computers are connected to the Internet and can be used by members of the Public Council as well as police officers.

As it was noted, the use of this service facility allows every citizen to take an active part in the implementation of law and order and the fight against crime in their community.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan