Congratulatory Address by the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Leader of the Nation, His Excellency Emomali Rahmon on the occasion of the New Year 2017

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Dear compatriots!

A few moments later, 2016, which is remembered in the modern history of the people of Tajikistan with good memories, creative events on the improvement and development of our cherished country, will come to an end, and the New Year 2017 will start.

On this occasion, I congratulate the whole glorious people of Tajikistan and all overseas compatriots, wishing every family of our beloved Tajikistan calmness, happiness, and prosperity.

This past year, as the year of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the state independence of our Motherland, was a truly historic and successful year for all the inhabitants of our country, the year of accomplishment of creative aspirations and hopes.

During this year, the hard-working and glorious people of Tajikistan, by its friendly and dedicated labor, gave a new impetus to the development and progress of our beautiful country, laid a solid and favorable foundation for its bright and prosperous future.

As regards the most important events and achievements of the year, intentions and plans for the next year, which will certainly contribute to further improving the quality of life of the population, the development of our homeland, I spoke in detail a few days ago in my address to the Majlisi Oli (Parliament) of the country.

The adoption of a resolution titled International Decade for Action 'Water for Sustainable Development', 2018-2028 by the UN General Assembly on 22nd December, which was proposed by Tajikistan and sponsored by more than 190 UN member states, is a truly historic achievement and event.

The adoption of this important document that is our fourth initiative in the international arena will further strengthen the international authority and image of Tajikistan.

Taking into account the contribution of the country's youth in the development of society, its active participation in political and economic life, we have declared 2017 � the Year of Youth.

Consistent efforts of youth of the period of independence towards mastering modern knowledge, professions and specialties, protecting national values, and observing ethics are our pride.

I am convinced that our youth will work even more for further development, progress, and security of our independent country, since the future of our fabulous land is in its hands.

The situation of the modern world, increasing threats, topical economic, political and environmental issues require from each of us to unite and be vigilant more than ever.

This year we should, with a high sense of patriotism and self-awareness, amicably and truly strive to safeguard peace, tranquility and political stability, strengthen unity and mutual understanding, protect interests of the state and nation.

Every achievement made to date is ours.

Now we must work faithfully and consistently to achieve new successes, further improvement of our beloved country.

A good tradition of celebrating the New Year is that the peoples of the world are developing plans with good intentions and constructive purposes.

On the eve of the New Year, I declare with confidence that the new year 2017 will play an important role in strengthening and building up the achievements of the state independence, foundations of the newest Tajik statehood, national unity, political stability of society, improvement of our country.

The New Year 2017 will become for our state and nation the beginning of a new stage of development, implementation of new plans for a bright, prosperous and peaceful future.

It is gratifying that in this process our proud and glorious nation will take an active part in the protection of national independence, building a modern and progressive state, transformation of modern society, and will make a patriotic contribution to a worthy representation of the Tajik state, enhancing its image on the international scene.

I hope that the New Year 2017 will be the year of fulfillment of good aspirations and hopes of the Tajik people and state, and our glorious nation this year will make solid steps on the path to development, progress, and improvement.

With these good intentions, I would like once again to heartily congratulate all the noble and hard-working people of our country and overseas compatriots with the beginning of the New Year 2017 and to wish all of you peace, tranquility, prosperity, health, happy life, and to our free and independent Tajikistan � prosperity and steady progress.

Happy New Year, dear compatriots!

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan