Coronavirus: specialists concerned over rise in infection cases, while health ministry says the situation stable

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Specialists are seriously concerned over the rise in coronavirus cases in the country and social networks are full of users’ messages about deaths of their relatives and friends. The health ministry, however, says the situation is stable.




Khujand sounds the alarm


Khujand Mayor Marouf Muhammadzoda recently expressed concern about the spread of the novel coronavirus and coronavirus-linked deaths in the city. He sharply criticized poor work on preventing further spread of the disease in the city. His criticism, directed at heads of local community committees, came during an address to a meeting of the Khujand administration.


According to Sputnik Tajikistan, Khujand authorities noted that 45 percent of COVID-19 patients reported in the city contracted the infection at wedding events and 28 percent of them got infected from relatives.


In this regard, Muhammadzoda ordered to take all festive events, especially weddings, under strict control.


In a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus, the mayor also ordered to suspend operations of local entertainment centers, markets and trade centers, which do not follow hygiene regulations. All nightclubs of Khujand were closed on October 23 until the epidemiological situation in the city stabilizes.


Sputnik Tajikistan says that according to data provided by the Khujand authorities, coronavirus cases in the city have been reported at 4,650 since the first cases of coronavirus were reported in the country in April.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population (MoHSPP) says 10,653 officially confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported in the country as of the morning of October 23.


It turns out that that Khujand accounts for 44 percent of a total number of coronavirus cases reported in the country as of October 23




The number of coronavirus cases increasing Dushanbe as well


On October 16, head of Dushanbe’s Ibn Sino clinic Abdukhalil Kholiqzoda told Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service that the number of coronavirus positive tests is increasing. “In May, 70-80 percent of people who came to the clinic tested positive for COVID-19. In summer, the number of such patients fell to 20 and even 10 percent. Today, the number of positive coronavirus tests has increased to approximately to 50 percent,” Kholiqzoda said.


Two doctors from Dushanbe and Khujand reportedly confirmed the information about a steady increase in the number of coronavirus cases. “Over the past two-three weeks, the number of coronavirus cases has increased,” they said.


Social network users also say that the coronavirus situation is getting worse in the country. According them, many their relatives, friends and colleagues have contracted the virus, but not everyone is accepted by hospitals. Even if they are admitted to a hospital they are discharged without receiving full treatment, and they infect other family members, colleagues and neighbors.




Health ministry claims coronavirus situation is stable


The Health Ministry, however, claims the coronavirus situation is stable in the country.


Meanwhile, health workers fighting coronavirus say the official figures are a gross underestimate. A doctor from Khujand, who wanted to remain unnamed, says the number of coronavirus patients has increased over the past month.


“This is due to seasonal fall diseases, the beginning of academic year at schools and universities, failure to wear face masks in enclosed public places and practice social distancing. Official statistics on coronavirus are not true. Hospitals admit only patients with severe or moderate COVID-19,” the doctor said.


Source: Asia Plus