Court session on the case of journalist Abdullo Gurbati scheduled for tomorrow

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The lawyer said that today, September 20, he was invited to the court of the Shohmansur district, where he was notified that the court had begun considering the criminal case against Gurbati.


At the same time, Sharipov noted that the court did not say specifically where exactly the meeting would be held.


« I was told that the case would be considered by the Shohmansur district court, but they didn’t say exactly where the court session would be held – in the court itself or somewhere else », – noted Sharipov.


He added that the court will officially be held in open mode, but «most likely, except for Gurbati’s wife and close people, others, including journalists, will not be able to attend the meeting».


Asia-Plus was not informed about the time and place of the trial of Abdullo Gurbati in the Shohmansur district court.


Abdullo Gurbati is charged with committing crimes under Part 1 of Article 328; Part 1 of Article 330 and Part 2 of Article 307(3) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Tajikistan.


Source: Asia-Plus