COVID-19. First Two Death Cases Recorded in Central Asia

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DUSHANBE,  As of March 27, the number of coronavirus affected persons in Central Asian countries reached 251, and in CIS up to 2001. Additionally, the first two death cases have been recorded in Central Asia – one 64-year-old woman in Kazakhstan and one 72-year-old in Uzbekistan.
Among the CIS countries, a large number of cases of human disease with the new type of coronavirus COVID-19 were recorded in Russia – 840. It followed by Armenia, where 329 cases were confirmed. In third place is Ukraine, where 196 people were infected with this virus.

In other CIS countries, including 177 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded Moldova, 124 in Kazakhstan, 122 in Azerbaijan, 86 in Belarus, 83 in Uzbekistan and in Kyrgyzstan – 44.

In some of these countries, there has also been an increase in the number of recovered people. For example, 41 people have been discharged in Russia, 29 in Belarus, 18 in Armenia, 15 in Azerbaijan, 5 in Uzbekistan, 2 in Moldova, 2 in Kazakhstan and 1 in Ukraine.

In other CIS countries, including Moldova, 177 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed, in Kazakhstan – 124, in Azerbaijan-122, in Belarus — 86, in Uzbekistan – 83 and in Kyrgyzstan – 44.

Additionally, two death cases were registered in Russia, 3 in Azerbaijan, by one in Moldova, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and 5 in Ukraine.

Among the countries of Central Asia and the CIS only Tajikistan and Turkmenistan have not registered any cases of coronavirus infection to date.

In neighboring Afghanistan, the number of coronavirus affected persons rose to 94 people, two of whom were discharged, four people died.

According to WHO, the number of countries and territories where the infection is recorded exceeds 195.

The number of number of coronavirus affected persons worldwide has increased to more than 532 thousand people, of which more than 24 thousand people died and more than 124 thousand recovered.

Recall that on March 11, WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan