COVID-19: the number of daily confirmed coronavirus cases increasing in Tajikistan

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54 COVID-19 patients have reportedly recovered over the past day. As of the evening of June 4, 2,401 patients have recovered.


No coronavirus-linked deaths have been reported over the past day, the single national portal on the new coronavirus issues says.


The number of COVID-19-related deaths remains the same in Tajikistan – 48.


Recall, the Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Population, Jaloliddin Abdullozoda, said in an interview with SSSR newspaper on May 29 that Tajikistan passed its peak of coronavirus infections, when the country recorded the highest number of daily confirmed COVID-19 cases.


According to him, after peaking in mid-May at 211 new cases per day, the number of daily infections in Tajikistan has been decreasing and the number of recovering patients has been increasing with every passing day. No coronavirus-linked deaths have been reported in the country in recent days, the minister noted.


Meanwhile the list of the COVID-19-related deaths posted on the website is being updated.


To-date, 410 COVID-19-linked deaths have been on this list. Most of the names on this list have been confirmed by moderators.


The list includes names of 58 health workers who died from the new coronavirus disease.