Denmark withdrew from the Europol

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Denmark, seceded from the Europol � police organization for the European Union. At the same time, Copenhagen has concluded with the EU a special agreement to further judicial cooperation, which will be exchange of information and personnel between Europol and the Danish police, reported

As explained in the European Commission, Denmark will have a special status that would allow Copenhagen to work closely with the police organization of the European Union without being a member. A new agreement between the EU and Denmark was signed on Saturday, April 29. The new agreement will allow the city to request from Europol information as long as Denmark is part of the Schengen agreement.

The Danes were in favour of retaining a special status in the European legal space in 2015. In a referendum in December 2015, 53% of citizens voted against the strengthening of close cooperation with police and legal structures of the EU.

Since Denmark will retain its special legal status in the EU, it will cease to participate in the work of Europol, which turned into a supranational structure, the European judicial authorities. This status Denmark in 1992 after the Danes in a referendum refused to accept the Maastricht Treaty establishing the EU.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan