Deputy Health Minister Jamshed: Unfavorable Weather Conditions Cause of Aggravation of Respiratory Diseases

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DUSHANBE,  A regular meeting of the commission on prevention of the coronavirus of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population was held on April 17.

Deputy Ministers Mirhamuddin Kamolzoda and Shodikhon Jamshed, heads of several departments and directors of health facilities attended the meeting.

The meeting focused on cases of individuals who had died from pneumonia in the last few days, which have provoked various rumors and speculations on social networks alleging that the cause of their deaths was really the coronavirus.

“From February 1 through April 17, 7,871 citizens who had entered Tajikistan from foreign countries have been quarantined at the country’s healthcare institutions. Of those, 6,348 have been discharged and 1,523 individuals are still under quarantine,” informed the Head of the Ministry’s Department for Organization of Medical Services and Modern Technologies Shaidullo Sharipov.

He noted that as of April 17, no coronavirus cases have been registered among quarantined citizens.

“Unfavorable weather conditions in the last few days not only had a negative impact on various sectors of the economy, but also on citizen’s health. Therefore, sudden rise of aggravation of cases of acute respiratory diseases, including pneumonia, has been observed,” said Deputy Minister Jamshed.

The number of individuals with respiratory illnesses in 2019 had exceeded 374,000. Those with influenza equaled 9,982 individuals, pneumonia cases reached 12,802, viral respiratory infections 35,0702, typhoid effected 8 people, and asthma cases reached 1,293.

“That is, these statistics show that the exposure of citizens to infectious diseases, including pneumonia, is a normal and seasonal occurrence. Therefore, citizens should not be alarmed,” added Jamshed.

“People should be informed about these illnesses by family doctors, so that at these sensitive moments, residents do not feel panicked,” concluded Deputy Minister.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan